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Diseases & Pests

Lily Beetle Info Sheet & Lily Beetle Update
Lily Beetle Life Cycle
Lilium Pests - June Beetle
Botrytis Care
Frost Damage Care

Lily Structure

Do You Know Your Bulbs?
Lily Structure - Lilium Bulbs
Lily Structure - Foliage

Lily Structure - Flowers

Planting & Care

Planting and Caring for your Lily Bulbs
Spring Planting Lilies
Planting Your New Fall Bulbs
Planting Lilies with other Perennials
Planting / Moving Martagon Lilies
Landscaping with Lilies
Growing Martagon Lilies

Increasing Lilies

Increasing your Lilies
Growing Lilies from Seed
Increasing Lilies By Seed

Misc. Articles

Lily Catalogue Browsing
Showing your Lilies


Heritage Lilies
Alex Burnett
Bert Porter
C.F. Patterson
Ed Robinson
Eugene Fox
Frank Skinner
Fred Tarlton
Fred Fellner
Herbert Sunley

Isabelle Preston

Jean C Ericksen
Robert Simonet
Dr. Wilbert Ronald