Showing Your Lilies

by Doreen Sage


Your lily blooms are looking quite nice and you are considering taking some to the local Horticultural Show, the local Agricultural Fair or to the Lily Show at either Neepawa or Winnipeg.

    This is an easy thing for you to do if you will follow some basic guide lines:

    1.  Read the Show Book issued by the particular showing you are planning on entering and make certain you understand what it says.  There is a phone number.  There is no need to have your entry disqualified because you didn’t follow the show book instructions.

    2.  View your lilies and decide which ones you will enter in each category and colour.  1/3 full open, 1/3 showing colour, 1/3 buds, approx.

    3.  Cut stems early in the a.m. or later p.m.  Remove lower leaves on the stem.  Cut stem with a sharp knife at a 45 degree angle, leaving 2/3 of stem in the ground.  Place cut stem immediately in a container of warm water.  Do not remove pollen or let pollen get on other cut lilies.

    4.  Wine or liquor bottles make good containers for transporting stems to a show.  Local Fairs and Hort Shows will probably expect you to provide your own stem holders.  Lily Shows provide stem holders for most sections.

    5.  At Lily Shows, there will officials to help you place your stems in the proper category.

        Lilies are judged with a section by colour, which means you can bring as many stems as you wish as long as each is a different colour.  The Classification Judge will get them in the correct place for you.

      The show book asks for 3 stems, each stem will be placed in a separate holder.

      The show book asks for a vase of (5) stems, you must supply the vase.

    6.  Design Section:  Use your imagination.  Do have the oasis, if using, well soaked before you start and make certain that it will stay put.

    7.  Fill out the entry form and entry tags and attach each tag securely to your entry.

    8.  Take pictures of your entries, either where they sit or gather together after the show for a “group” photo.