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MRLS Display Gardens

by Deborah Petrie

The MRLS has donated lilies to several Display Gardens, three of which are in rural Manitoba.  These display gardens prominently feature lilies donated by the MRLS.  They also include many other annual and perennial displays.  We would like to take this opportunity to encourage our members to visit any or all three of these gardens.  Much time and loving attention has gone into them all. 


Beausejour Daylily Gardens 

In 2004 the MRLS donated 102 lily bulbs to the Beausejour Daylily Gardens and two other smaller donation have been made over the years since then.  In subsequent years other people have donated lily bulbs and many have been purchased for this garden.  As a result there are now over two hundred lilies on display on this two acre site.  Daylilies, iris and other perennials and trees are also featured here.  Extensive work by the community volunteers and area business donations have given the gardens some lovely hardscape around which the lilies, perennials and trees are planted.  

Tours of this garden for groups and individuals are scheduled in June, July and August.  There are two types of tours, Guided Perfect Daytrip tours and the Open Gardens - Artist in Residence (self guided tours). Both types of tours include other gardens and attractions in Beausejour.

For information on tours call 204-268-3950, visit or you are welcome to visit the garden anytime to view the lilies and other perennials featured there.  July is the best time for viewing the lilies in bloom.


Foxwarren Memory Garden 

In 2006 the bulb committee donated eighty-two lily bulbs from many classifications to the Foxwarren Memory Garden.  This garden is a one-acre peace symbol shaped community garden on reclaimed land in the middle of the tiny village of Foxwarren Manitoba.  The garden commemorates pioneers and departed loved ones from the surrounding area with over seven hundred handcrafted stepping-stones throughout.  The site is fully wheelchair accessible; features pioneer history as well as our lilies and other perennial and annual beds.  This Memory Garden can be found in the center of Foxwarren, which is just off highway 16 in southwestern Manitoba.

Drop in between July 15th and August 15th to see our lilies at their best or to arrange guided tours at anytime throughout the summer, please call: (204) 847-2162/847-2218.


Carberry Garden Club 

2008 saw our donation of 127 bulbs go the Carberry Garden Club for planting in a fairly new garden in Carberry Manitoba   Since that time more donations of lilies by the MRLS have been made and additions to the gardens of trees and other perennials have also been made.  Carberry is located in Southwest Manitoba.  The garden can be found at the north end of town just off highway #5.  Parking is available on Wheatland Drive.  The garden itself is tucked into the space between the forks in the road.  It is a 2.5-acre site and was originally started as a daylily garden at the entrance to the town.  It provides the setting for Carberry’s town sign and has been expanded to include our lily donations and a Rose Garden.  Trees and shrubs were planted in 2007 with a grant from Manitoba Hydro.  The Carberry Garden Club and other local organizations have made many improvements over the years since then, including a picnic area, a pergola, and an enclosed dog run. 

All are welcome to visit and browse the garden anytime. To view the lilies at their best July and August visits are recommended.