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Manitoba Regional Lily Society

2021 Fall Bulb Sale - Online only via MRLS Facebook & Website


MRLS 2021 Fall Bulb Sale Instructions


Manitoba Regional Lily Society’s “Exclusive to Members” sale begins September 18th at 8:00 AM and ends September 25th at 6:00 PM.


Facebook & Website PUBLIC sale starts at 8:00 AM September 25th and ends October 2nd at 6:00 PM.


Membership in the Manitoba Regional Lily Society is not required to participate in the Facebook & Website portion of sale but it is encouraged. Ordering is open to anyone with a Canadian Shipping address.  No international shipping. 


All Manitoba Regional Lily Society members will receive a 10% membership discount on all bulbs ordered.  Please include your membership request with your bulb order.  All orders must include the following information.  If you are renewing your membership this information is still required to ensure we have your correct contact information. Payment for membership and renewals will be added to your bulb order total.  Membership fee is $10.00 for 1 year and $25.00 for 3 years. 


Required Information: 

    Name in full as it appears either on your cheque or e-transfer account 

    Full and complete mailing address 

    10 digit Phone number 

    Email address you check regularly 

Orders will not be processed without this information. 


Send your orders to - with the subject MRLS Bulb Order 2021. 


I will confirm having received your order by email with the subject line: 

“Order received - MRLS Bulb Sale 2021”. 


Orders must be received by October 2nd at 6:00 PM, late orders will not be accepted.


Do not send payment before you receive the “Order Received” email. 

This could take some time as volunteers do their work so please be patient. 


Payment is by e-transfer or cheque only.  We do not accept credit card, debit card or PayPal. 

            Send payment by e-transfer to: 

OR      Send payment by cheque to: 

                MARLENE PULS 

                99 MACALESTER BAY 

                WINNIPEG MB, R3T 2X6 


Payment must be received before bulbs are shipped. 


Shipping in Manitoba for standard sized packages (3-5 lbs.) is $20.00.  For other destinations outside Manitoba and for packages over 5 lbs within Manitoba shipping will be $20.00 plus 10% of the total bulb costs. 


All bulbs prices are as marked in the price list. 


Photos can be viewed via Photo Links below (if available)


Note – bulb quantities are limited and certain varieties may not be received by the MRLS due to crop failures or other unexpected events.


2021 Fall Bulb List with Photo Links


Variety Retail Photo Link
Amaryllis   not available
Apricot Fudge $6.00
Black Charm $7.00
Brown Ivory sold out
Burnett's Hot Pink sold out no photo available
Calgary Tower $6.00
Connecticut King $6.00
Coppertone sold out
Happy Thoughts $7.00 no photo available 
Hillcrest Cynthia $7.00 no photo available
Honey Pink $6.00
Innocence $6.00
Isis $7.00
Lemon Lady $7.00 no photo available
Lemon Tree   not available
Lillas $6.00 no photo available
Nellie’s Choice sold out no photo available
Pink Pagoda sold out
Razzel Dazzel $6.00
Red Raven $6.00
Shirley $6.00
Spacious Living $6.00 no photo available
Sweet Surrender $7.00
Golden Princess                    

Mixed unknown asiatics      

Pot & Border - Asiatics


2 for $5.00                                                                     __    

unknow colours - could be yellow, white, pink or red - photos unavailable                                               



Delicate Joy $5.00
Trendy Santo Domingo $5.00
Sunset Joy $5.00
L.A. Hybrids (Longiflorum x Asiatic)    
Alladin's Glow $6.00
Eyeliner $6.00
Pink Brush $6.00
Royal Sunset $6.00
O.T. Orienpets (Oriental x Trumpet)    
African Lady sold out
Exotic Sun sold out
Pink Jazz sold out
White Amber $10.00
Unique Crosses    
Blushing Belles $8.00 no photo available
EasternMornxFireyBelles $20.00 no photo available
Child in Time sold out
Purple Marble sold out
L. duchartrei   Sorry - not available
L. hansonii $15.00
L. henryi $8.00
L. leichtlinii $8.00
L. leichtlinii var. max $10.00
L. martagon $12.00
L. tsingtauense $15.00
Arabian Knight $24.00
Attiwa $20.00
Brunswiek sold out    
Cadense $20.00
Cascading Glory $20.00
Chameleon sold out
Chernova $22.00
Devon Dots $25.00
Gaybird $22.00
Guinea Gold $18.00
Leafland Wine $20.00
Mahogany Bells $20.00
Raspberry Delight $18.00
Robert Erskine seedling $22.00 no photo available
Sweet Betsy $15.00
Tsingense $25.00
Mixed martagon seedlings $8.00 no photo available
Mixed Yellow $10.00 no photo available



2021 Spring Bulb Sale - Online only via MRLS Facebook


 Thank you to Leanne Dowd for the success of our "first" Spring Bulb Sale

Due to current restrictions we have not been able to have conventional in person Bulb Sales. The Board met and it was decided to host a Spring Sale - never done before. With the leadership of Leanne and the help of many hands it was held from March 21st to April 4th and thanks to our lily bulb growers and lily bulb customers, we had  a good sale.


Message from Leanne Dowd 

This spring marked the first spring bulb sale via Face-book. While past fall FB bulb sales have been successful, this first spring version proved to be overwhelmingly so with plenty of new customers from other provinces as well as our own being able to place orders.

Offering shipping across Canada increased the reach to those who couldn't otherwise attend a walk-in sale as well as brought the MRLS a measure of promotion we usually do not get in other provinces.

Many thanks to everyone who placed orders and was understanding and patient regarding the hiccups that came with this new sales format.

A shout out to those board members who generously gave of their time to navigate financial matters, helped with advertising, information and updating posts on Facebook, collected boxes for shipping and helped package and de-liver a good many orders.

It was clear from the sales volume and feedback that this is a popular way to offer bulbs for sale in spring and is something we will entertain the thought of doing again in the future.

Happy planting and growing everyone! We'll hear from you at the fall sale.




Stay safe!