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Lack of Bloom - Time to Separate and Replant / Move the Lily Bulbs


When a large clump of lilies only have a couple of blooms per stem it is time to dig them up.  They are too crowded and are starving for nutrients.

Generally speaking he best time to move them is in the the fall when they have matured, from September 15th through October 15th - at the lowest point of their growth period.

Dig around them, keeping back far enough not to damage the bulb in the ground. Tease the bulbs apart, check the condition for nice healthy bulbs and and replant as you would any new bulb - share the extras with your friends. Dispose of any damaged bulbs. Some bone meal can be mixed with the soil then tamp it down and water well so there are no air pockets. If sharing - it is suggested you give the bulbs a gentle wash in water to remove all garden dirt and let air dry for a few hours before giving them away.

They can also be successfully moved and separated in the spring. This must be done very carefully when digging them and teasing them apart. Dig them before new growth starts otherwise the new growth stems are most likely to be broken off and so you will lose the bloom of that bulb for that year. 

You can move lilies anytime through their growing period as long as you take soil with the bulbs and are careful not to break the sprouts off.